“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”
– Ephesians 5:19

Marthomites are renowned for their melodious choirs. Our choir is no different – we have a talented bunch of choristers. Our Carol service bears testimony to their quality. However, with constraints of time due to work and family commitments, the choir was unable to perform to its full potential in our weekly worships. Let us uphold Choir in our prayers and support them in the coming years helping them to flourish.

Choir is one of the essential part in the worship. The rich liturgy with theologically and biblically sound prayers, hymns and chants is the uniqueness of Eastern Worship. To use it in the best way, the Church Choir is playing a vital role throughout these days.

The purpose of the choir is to support the Holy Qurbana and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs. The songs helps believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship. Man and angels are blessed with the ability to make music. Music and heavenly experience has great links. When we read revelation, we can see in Heaven, angels singing praise and worship to God. Heaven is continually filled with heavenly music around God’s throne. So it is very fitting for God’s people on earth to do the same.