Committee’s are for making fruitful, effective decisions for the smooth running of the church. The purpose of the committee meeting at the church is to reconcile divergent viewpoints and bring back to the church a satisfactory solution, also committee give opportunities for Christian growth and the development of a sense of personal responsibility. Church committee members who experience unity and consensus at a meeting become motivated lay leaders.

President/Vicar Rev. Jacob K A
Vice President Mr P J Daniel
Secretary Mr Raji Mathew John
Trustee (Finance) Mr Thomas Varghese Edayadiyil
Trustee (Accounts) Mrs Sherly Varghese
Lay Ministrant Mr Suresh George
Lay Ministrant Mr Moby Mathew
Mandalam Member Mr Philip Varughese
Zonal Council Member Mrs Jeena Mathew
Zonal Assembly Member Mr V S Varghese
Edavaka Mission Representative Mr Prakash Panachamoottil Philip
Sunday School Representative Mrs Siji Philip
Sevika Sangham Representative Mrs Saramma Philip
Youth Fellowship Representative Mr Asish Varghese
Immanuel Prayer Representative Dr. V S Varughese
Shalom Prayer Representative Mrs Elcy Varughese
Internal Auditors Dr. Prince Thomas Mr Robby Jacob